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Get serious and experienced representation for Divorce and Child Custody related issues from Mark J. Friedman, Attorney in Centerville, Ohio.  To better serve his clients, Mr. Friedman has limited his practice to divorce, custody and the other related matters listed below. 

Divorce and Child Custody

Divorce is rarely a simple process.  When children are involved, custody, visitation and support arrangements can be some of the most challenging issues to handle. This can cause emotional turbulence and financial uncertainty in the areas of your life that are most precious to you and the decisions that you make now will certainly affect your life for years to come.  Mr. Friedman tries to represent you with the next ten years in mind for you and your children rather than just look to the conclusion of your case. 

If you are seeking a divorce or one is being sought against you, you need to be absolutely certain your interests are represented by a capable and skilled attorney.

What do we do that is different than other attorneys? 

Mr. Friedman's office is staffed with professionals who have worked together for many years.  Over the course of his professional career Mr. Friedman has developed many close relationships with CPA's, tax experts, financial planners, realtors, appraisers, physicians, psychologists and other attorneys, any of which may be called upon to assist in the representation of your case.  Mr. Friedman is the only lawyer that will ever appear in Court to represent your interests so the continuity of your case is assured and you as the client will be better prepared, much more confident and comfortable with your court experience.   


Mark J. Friedman has more than 30 years of experience representing clients in civilian and military divorces including other family law related areas listed below: 

                       • Child Custody and Support

                       • Shared Parenting

                       • Visitation

                       • Spousal Support

• Contempt

• Paternity

• Domestic Violence (Civil)

• Grandparent's Rights



Our staff is compassionate and understands the emotional difficulties involved with legal matters relating to family. We treat every case very seriously and work for your best possible outcome. Experience makes the difference. Call or visit our office for personal and confidential service.  We provide a lawyer to support with the following, divorce, child custody, divorce law, Family Law, and Military Divorce in Greene County, Warren County and Xenia.

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